• Image of Castaña - Medicine Woman Collection
  • Image of Castaña - Medicine Woman Collection
  • Image of Castaña - Medicine Woman Collection
  • Image of Castaña - Medicine Woman Collection
  • Image of Castaña - Medicine Woman Collection

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This doll is my tribute to all the women who keep rituals, magic and connection with the Spirit alive.
Precious women that throughout history have spread their wisdom, love and respect for Mother Earth. I wanted to honor the women that share their knowledge and love for plants, stars, ceremonies and our animal fellows. The women who help others to connect with their inner selves and show the healing path.

Whirling woman
Woman who is beneath the sacred, says
Because there are luminous flowers where I go
Because there is pure water where I go
They call me she who grows"
(extract from a poem-song by María Sabina)

This Medicine Woman is a handmade jewel. A one of a kind art doll to be treasured for many years. Her face is hand embroidered and her delicate hair and feather have been needle felted with Merino roving wool. She wears a cotton dress with a macrame belt. You can display her on the wall as she has a little thread loop in her back, just move her hair gently. Her arms and legs can move which allows her to sit by herself.

She has a yellow design on her cheeks as a tribute to the Huichol people. During their pilgrimage to their sacred land called Wirikuta, they collect the root of a plant called Uxa where they obtain the yellow color. The yellow face is considered a reflection of solar light on a pilgrim’s face. She also comes with a basket full of flowers as a symbol of her love for Mother Earth. Her "sahumador" is full of copal, an aromatic resin used for energy cleansing. She comes also with tiny baskets with some herbs.

- she doesn't like plastic inside her belly -

• Measures approx: 32 cm (12.5").
- Removable clothes
- She comes inside a wooden box.

• Please allow 3-4 business days to ship
• Colors may vary from screen to screen
• Mailed using Mexican Postal Service
• Handmade following a original pattern designed by Marlene Parra
• This is an art doll and it is not suitable for children.

▲ CARE ▲
Spot cleaning with a soft cloth. Treat her gently.

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