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  • Image of Presagio
  • Image of Presagio
  • Image of Presagio
  • Image of Presagio

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"Presagio" is an Art Doll that has been handmade and is a one-of-a-kind treasure. Her name means "Omen". I wanted to create a doll that represents insight and that provokes a moment of calmness to reconnect with the inner self in a way to express in a clearer way to the external world.

On her forehead, she has an Opalite/ Opaline crystal that is associated with the third eye and crown chakras. These chakras enhance self-insight, intuition, self-understanding and psychic abilities. It clarifies perception.


- Body made of cotton
- Her forehead has been hand painted with golden Japanese acrylic around her Opaline crystal
- Her soft hair has been made with teeswater locks
- Hand embroidered face
- On her chest she has a hand embroidered representation of an eclipse made of 100% wool felt and metallic embroidery floss
- Lace details have been hand-stitched
- Her arms can move
- In the back she comes with a triangle metal hook so you can hang her on the wall to display her beauty.
- She measures approx: 26 cms (10”)


• Please allow 3-5 business days to ship
• Colors may vary from screen to screen
• Mailed using Mexican Postal Service
• Handmade following a original pattern designed by Marlene Parra/ Filomeluna
• This is not a doll meant for children, handle her with care
• One of a kind art doll

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