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*This doll is part of the Centaurides Collection*

Centaurides are female Centaurs, they weren't mentioned frequently in mythology. When creating this serie I was inspired by a famous centaur called Chiron who was gentle, kind and wise. These Centaurides want you to imagine that everything is possible. They know about plants, science, music and poetry. They are adventurous and sometimes wild.

This is Vesta! A magical being that has been crafted with great dedication, paying special attention to the details and using high quality materials. She has a lot of hand stitching work.

Her face is hand embroidered and her arms can move thanks to the wooden button joints. The body is made of linen and cotton fabric. Her leafy ears, forehead and hearts are made of 100% merino wool felt. Her bulky hair has been hand stitched.

- Measures approx: 35 cm (14")

• Please allow 3-4 business days to ship
• Colors may vary from screen to screen
• Mailed using Mexican Postal Service, contact me if you want to upgrade it to Express Mail so I can give you a quotation.
• Handmade following a original pattern designed by Marlene Parra

• Due to the small buttons and small parts she is not suitable for children under 3 years, but it can work perfect for a nursery.

Please treat her gently. Spot cleaning with a soft cloth. Comb the hair with the fingers, don't use a brush.

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